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What Native people say about the use of sage: you can use sage, but you cannot smudge as nothing you are doing (waving sage around) is actually smudging. Smudging is a ceremony and you are, we promise, not smudging. Please buy sage from either us, or someone who sources the sage from us. White sage may not be considered endangered by the US government but corperate sourcing is making it difficult for us to source sage for our own religious purposes. Let alone to sell it.

What white people hear: never use sage ever, don’t ever buy it, don’t own it, don’t even look at it.

Look, y’all. There’s a couple of facets to my talk today.

1) Yes! You can buy sage! You really, truly can! Buy it from either native sellers (go to a powwow! Eat our food, buy our stuff, watch some dancing!) Or buy it from a seller who sources the sage from native people. Pick one. And no, buying it from 5 Below doesn’t count.

2) you CANNOT smudge. This isn’t just you “shouldn’t”— this is a YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF SMUDGING. Waving a sage stick around your doorways IS NOT SMUDGING. It is smoke clensing. Smudging, depending on the tradition and tribe, could easily have dancing and drums involved. You, as a white person, do not have the cultural BACKGROUND to even know how it works. At all. Period.

3) please, for FUCKS SAKE, stop making posts here on tumblr where you tell other white people about cultural appropriation and what they can and cannot do. Please stop, your license has been revoked because none of you bother to get the facts right. We native people are FULLY CAPABLE OF DOING IT OURSELVES. Consider instead: a) reblogging our posts where we talk about it! We’re here! We have made posts!! b) Making a post that states what we said and then LINKS BACK TO US. Screenshot with a link if you must. Stop centering your own voices in these conversations. You are already centered in everything, stop centering yourselves in a native space.

I’m tired of this nonsense, y’all.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk ™

Reblogging because cultural mindfulness is a thing.

I’m not arguing or anything, I’m just a little confused, but- can you explain to me why white people are incapable of smudging? My family is all white but we’ve used sage for smudging as far back as I can remember- but I always thought that was a pagan thing, so now I’m confused. Again, I’m not trying to argue- I’m just confused because I thought this was a paganism thing, not a culture thing.

Smudging is not the same thing as smoke cleansing.

Smudging is a sacred ritual with far more detail to it, and is a thing done exclusively by native people who often have been trained to do so. Many people I know have been exclusively trained by elders on how to do it. (For reference, I really don’t even know how, and I am a native person who has watched it been done many times.)

Non-native people cannot smudge because they don’t even usually know what smudging IS, let alone how to do it. They don’t have the needed cultural background to know.

Black skin, sweetgrass, and tobacco: the uses of sacred directions in Hoodoo:


Mina Wilson

4 hrs


“Rootworkers of Hoodoo tradition are moving away from the capitalistic and public consumptive aspects of plants when it comes to spiritual botanicals, I’m happy to say. Personal relationships with the Divine Forces of Nature are paramount to Rootworkers. These relationships cannot be packaged and sold. We let the plants tell us if they want us to dry and keep them outside their growing seasons… or not. Because sometimes only fresh plants will do, no exceptions. We let the plants tell us how they wish us to work with them. More importantly… we first allow the plants to choose us, not the other way around.

That being said… There’s powerful botanicals yet to be discovered. If we give ourselves permission to, and allow ourselves to be spirit-led, amazing things can happen as a result.

In this article by Hess Love, discover some truths about white sage, the attitudes surrounding its consumption in Black spirituality and some other traditional Hoodoo botanicals that are overlooked due to the hype around white sage”

– .Mina Wilson



The Illustrated Guide to Cacti and Indoor Plants, B.Schonfelder and W.J. Fischer, 1972


So I would like to state, that I am upset at black women for being so beautiful and so gorgeous with all their different types of gorgeous fros, straighten, and braided hair. Y’all got me changing my hair everyday because I love your hair so much. How am I supposed to leave my hair alone when y’all look so beautiful just being yourself!



-Toshiko Tanaka

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Alrighttttt I like might have to go


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