My Witchy Origin Story

I grew up in a very open, very liberal family. Free expression was a big part of my upbringing, but we went to church every once in a while. My great grandmother (who was like my grandmother) was Catholic turned Methodist and incredibly spiritual, but even she was open to the mystical from time to time. At a young age I had been interested in witchcraft, but peer pressure from one of my best friends made me feel like I should keep my feelings secret. So I decided to let go of my attraction to witchcraft for a little while.

Years later when I was around 12 years old, and me and my mother started going to church. I got really into my faith and thought about it constantly. That same year, I went to camp putok, a Native American centered overnight camp where I learned a lot about different Native American cultures. This camp tended to attack witches and those that followed wicca due to the nature centered nature of the camp. In my cabin, there were 2 wiccans, both named Kat (Of course); one a black girl with long hair who was interested in spirit magic and the other a tall linky redhead who was more into nature.

While at camp putok, I learned a lot about wicca and magic. While there black kat brought out a Ouija board, so we could talk to a ghost that was in love with her (at the time I thought it was all fake). Of course as an Aries, I couldn’t believe the ghost thought she was prettier than me lol. I also got close to red kat, she would tell me about how wiccans felt about nature and about the goddess, it all sounded so perfect for me. One day we sat in the rocking chairs on the porch of our meeting area, overlooking the trees. It happened to be raining that day, but the air was still warm. We began talking about wicca as we tended to do.

I asked her, “Is it possible to be a wiccan and still believe in jesus?”

At the moment the wind picked up, just enough to blow our hair around and she said, “It is possible, but it could be difficult because of how Christians view wiccans.”

At that moment I felt like I had a decision to make. I felt like I had to choose which life I would follow. And at that moment, I chose society.

Years later, I met my current fiance and we trotted into wokeness together. Of course he was first, being a Gemini, however, it didn’t take much for me to come up to speed. There came a time when Christianity started to feel foreign to me. I still believe in Jesus, but me and Christianity had been growing apart for a long time. I had gotten into yoga, learned about the Dalai lama and the practice of Buddhism. I started teaching yoga and learning about crystals and herbalism. I finally came across a store that contain all that I had learned about from yoga to witchcraft. It was such a positive space with so many different people. I started teaching yoga there and met the most interesting friends, the most interesting witches.

There I bought goddess Oracle cards, where I came across Yemaya and became absolutely intrigued, even though I had never heard of her. At the same time I found the witchblr community. I started learning about witchcraft and the religion of my ancestors, but I was still not ready to call myself witch. I later met my friend, who after talking to a psychic found out she was a powerful witch. After being slightly freaked out for 3 days she decided to dive into witchcraft and I went in after her. It was like it had always been calling my name and this time I decided to answer.

That’s my origin story.




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May have to leave my job…

So that means its time to full court press my dream jobs! Let’s do it!

This is my website! I can make magical oils, as well as, specific oils for healing and the like. I can also send you personal tinctures and lotions!

Masterwort Herb Uses and Benefits In recen…

Masterwort Herb Uses and Benefits

In recent times though masterwort has been used more in veterinary herbal medicine than in folk medicine.

Still, the herb has also medicinal uses beneficial to humans.

Masterwort is an aromatic bitter herb that is regarded to have a warming effect on the central areas of the body.

Today, the herb is mostly used to increase appetite and as a tonic for the stomach. It increases the secretion of the digestive fluids, which in turn can stimulate digestion.

To learn more about the benefits of masterwort CLICK HERE:

The Reiki in this photo sends positive vibes…

The Reiki in this photo sends positive vibes for better health. Blessings, Lourdes 

Butterfly Symbolism

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while because the butterfly is a very important little creature to me. I’ve been trying to make a big change happen in my life, and all through my struggles, the butterfly has popped up left and right. Gifts people give me, shows I watch, even outside when it’s very early in the season for them… Not to mention it being my Celtic Zodiac sign!


The butterfly is there to remind us of two things: that life is inherently beautiful, and that change is a natural, inevitable part of life. Whether you want that change to happen or not, life is always going to be in a constant state of evolution, renewal, and transformation. Nothing ever stays the same forever. Not the butterfly, not Nature, and not us, either. 

The butterfly goes through many, many changes in its life cycle (even as a caterpillar, it goes through several stages of molting and growing), and it embraces all of them nonchalantly. When you surrender to life’s constant changes and allow yourself to find joy in that aspect of existence, it makes it much easier to grow and evolve in life.

And if you desire a change, the butterfly is there to impress upon you the power of the Law of Attraction. Whatever you desire and believe in positively, the universe will make possible for you. It is law. Just like the caterpillar wriggles, crawls, and stumbles its way into becoming one of the natural world’s most beautiful creatures, we stumble along and consume things that might help or hinder us until we finally learn to make our chrysalis, cocooning ourselves in positive, faithful thoughts until it’s our time to emerge resplendent.


There’s a lot more that I have to say about the butterfly, but like my post on snakes, I think that will have to wait until I have a little bit more get-up-and-go. I hope you all got something out of this post anyways!

Devil’s Claw

Also known as grapple plant, harpago, and wood spider, the specific species of Devil’s claw most often mentioned in magical and healing circles are known by the scientific names Harpagophytum procumbens and Harpagophytum zeyheri. 

Beautiful to behold but a trial for any gardener to handle, Devil’s claw is a creeping, prostrate plant marked by irregularly-lobed gray-green leaves on trailing stems, blossoming between November and April with trumpet-shaped red or magenta flowers with yellow throats. In January, the plant produces the distinctive fruits for which it gets its name, their spindly, woody structures hiding a bounty of seeds. It’s a pity, then, that this quirky plant is on the endangered species list.

Devil’s claw has been used as medicine by the San people of the Kalahari for centuries. It was first exported to Germany in the early 1900s and the demand has increased and expanded world wide since then. The San have used it for fevers, muscle pain, inflammation, venereal disease, blood diseases, diabetes, coughs, and gout. In modern medicine it has been show efficacious for pain, inflammation, and arthritis. It’s even possible to get the herb in capsule form!

Though it doesn’t seem to take well to being in captivity, Avontuur Farm in South Africa has scientifically refined their techniques for nurturing these finicky plants and has been growing them since 2009. Since they’re critically endangered, it’s not wise to pursue using these species for magic; they are, however, aligned with the planet Mars and the element of fire and have used for banishing, exorcism, and purification.

I couldn’t find the flower language for Devil’s flower, but I wanted to end the post here anyways. I apologize for it being so short, but I’ve been wrestling with insomnia and really, really just wanted to make an herb post. I might make another post later on, but I hope you enjoy this one!



A word, that I completely made, but also kinda stumbled upon. I got tired of calling myself a mermaid, when I am obviously not. I thought to myself, “there has to be a word for people who are clearly humans, but have some sort of tie with ocean.” My friend suggested mer gals and then mergail came to me. This is a completely real thing, but the word is new, as far as I am concerned. So this is what I have come up with…


Mergail: A person whose soul is tied with the ocean, so much so, that they are hurt by being away from the ocean for too long. These people have often been ocean spirits, mermaids, selkies, etc, in a past life. They have connection with the sea, even when they weren’t born near the sea or around it. Mergails aren’t ocean specific, but prefer natural bodies of water to swimming pools or man-made beaches.

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Emotional abilities

So I realized that there is a sector of powers that I never thought of. I realized a lot of my personal power is emotional. Not necessarily influenced by my emotions, but emotions are used to increase the power of the spell or objects I magically enhance. So being an emotional witch isn’t usually on purpose (though it can be), but more of an ability. Most of these fall under clairsentient, but they are in a way separate.


Clairsentient: those with the ability to use their feelings for psychic ability. Usually includes many versions of emotional abilities. Also includes the ability to use feelings to know what others are doing or where they are.

Emotional transferance: those who use objects or food or touch to make someone feel better or change their mood. This does not include changing the surrounding environment.

Emotional action: those who inspire emotions based of movements or actions, like dancers or singers. A person like this could wink and inspire joy.

Emotional auras: those who can change the entire energy of a room. They are able to project their emotion and influence the emotions of those around them. This could be negative or positive emotions.

Empath: someone who is able to feel the emotions of those around them. Mostly difficult to control.

Emotional absorption: those that eat others emotions. They make take away a negative emotion by absorbing it into themselves or a positive one.

If you have more feel free to add them. This is just a few I could think of.

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Follow my new blog 🙂 @ancestralmedicinemagick