I found this pic of me from 4 years ago lol I …

I found this pic of me from 4 years ago lol I was deep in my yoga journey and just beginning my herbal journey. I think sometimes we forget how great returning to the basics can be. I think now is a good time to start over and go back to this moment. Experience uncertainty and the newness of each moment. Remember what it was all about.

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Cause ILY @political-minds.

Cause ILY @political-minds.

Self-Care Is Courageous 

Self-Care Is Courageous 

The core of self-care is the courage to put yourself first. To thrive, create, and lead, you need to be able to see your wellbeing as the foundation to your work. No longer is self-care considered a luxury or selfish, rather a necessity to your success. Below you will find some tips to integrating mindfulness into your daily routine:

Befriend your morning. Establishing a morning ritual is a great way to ignite your energy and ground your thoughts before the day begins. Whether it’s fitness, a balanced meal, or mediation, doing something that brings you joy is a perfect way to ignite your energy, ground your thoughts, and reconnect with your intentions.

Recharge yourself. Staying attuned your energy levels is important because you can take note of when you need to rest. Taking breaks throughout your day is a great way to restore yourself, a simple 5-10-minute break every hour to stretch, walk, or make a cup of tea, can shift your perspective and empower productivity.

Set a daily intention. You have a power within you to cultivate, heal, access, and release.  Start each day with an honesty and focused mindset, ex: How can I bring more sacredness into my life today? Your actions have a direct connect with your energy field, so make decisions that align with the deep listening point within you, your gut.

Your breath is your magic. Every time you inhale and exhale you create more space within yourself. You develop an loving awareness that is rooted in the ebb and flow of your breathing. When you take a deep breath, you are reclaiming your divine sovereignty.

Remember, like a plant you can be strong and n…

Remember, like a plant you can be strong and nuturing at the same time. You can heal the world and yourself at the same time. You can be wild and beautiful and completely out of the ordinary. Like a plant you are uniquely wonderful.


New bike who dis? My daddy got me that bike!! …

New bike who dis? My daddy got me that bike!! Lol @beaucoupdeforce

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Mami Wata

a queen! 

My sister is engaged!!! Love magic everywhere!…

My sister is engaged!!! Love magic everywhere!! Im so happy for you guys!!! @snu_phoenix #lovemagic



“Very few things matter and nothing matters very much.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

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Wait but doesn’t Y start with a W?

Are we really talking about W starting with, when W is really double v. Lol