The Wellness Wheel Tarot Spread


**Based on a concept discussed in one of my counseling courses, where each slice of the wheel represents a section of your life and how well you feel like you’re doing in that area**

The idea behind this spread is to pull one card for each area of wellness to give you an idea of how you can improve that area of wellness. Under each section of wellness I’ve included just a few topics that might relate to that section. You can ask about a specific topic or just the overall area of wellness for each card.

1. Spiritual Wellness

  • -Connection to nature
  • -Belief in the divine
  • -Connection to a community
  • -Sense of self or sense of purpose
  • -Meaning in life

2. Financial Wellness

  • -Abundance and income
  • -Stability
  • -Paid vs. Unpaid work
  • -Productivity and work ethic

3. Physical Wellness

  • -Sleep
  • -Diet and exercise
  • -Medical appointments
  • -Medication/ vitamins

4. Emotional Wellness

  • -Awareness and acceptance of emotions
  • -Mindfulness
  • -Ability to Identify and express emotions
  • -Emotional stability/ regulation
  • -Use of positive coping strategies

5. Social Wellness

  • -Healthy and positive interactions
  • -Communication
  • -Sense of community
  • -Hobbies
  • -Social connections to family, friends, pets etc.

6. Intellectual Wellness

  • -Stimulating activities
  • -Challenges and engagement
  • -Productivity
  • -Continued learning

7. Environmental Wellness and Safety

  • -Do you feel safe in your immediate environment?

8. Overall Wellness

  • -What do you need to know to raise your wellness overall?