Send my muse an icon, and they will…

🎨 tell you a skill or talent few know of that they have

👻 tell a fear they have

🔆 say one of their dreams/aspirations

🎁 show off something they have

🚿 mention one of their shower thoughts.

🎭 say how they are really feeling

📅 speak of a past experience

🐱 talk about their favorite animal/pet

🌙 tell about one of their recent dreams/nightmares

🍀 regale a time when luck was on their side

👪 speak about their thoughts and feelings about someone they know

🔪 talk about a time when they were hurt physically, mentally, or emotionally

👄 whisper a secret no one else knows

🎓 say one thing they are proud of

😳 say one thing they are ashamed of

👀+ a question of your own!