One word spells are powerful little statements that send BIG messages out to the universe.  Use these in your daily life–mundane or magical!  I like to combine beautiful languages outside of English with seafarer lingo to make these little beauties. 


Pronounced brawn-wreck-in.

A combination of BRONTIDE (a rumbling noise heard occasionally in some parts of the world, probably caused by seismic activity) and the Haitian Creole word REKKEN (shark.)

  • Use BRONREKKEN when in needing to make your presence known in a subtle, yet powerful way (meetings with your boss, leading a group, presenting a project. etc.)


Pronounced smeer-ee-skwahl.

A combination of the Croatian word SMIRITI (to calm, quieten, pacify) with the word SQUALL (a sudden, violent gust of wind; a violent sea storm.)

  • Use SMIRISQUALL to curb sudden temper flares.  This is best for people who are quick to have aggressive emotions.  


Pronounced task-mee-nawg.

A combination of MULTITASK (to perform two or more tasks simultaneously) and the Russian word осьминог (also: os’minog) which literally translates to “octopus.”

  • Use TASKMINOG when having multiple things going on that need your attention.  It will aid you in being able to prioritize and accomplish your goals without getting stressed.


Pronounced steh-lee-nah.

A combination of STELLA, the Italian word for “star”, and MARINA (a dock in a bay for multiple boats.)

  • Use STELINA when needing to bring a night to an end (best used at a party or event; when needing to get people to go home; when needing to wind down from a very busy day.)


Pronounced sigh-deer.

A combination of the Irish word SOITHEACH (ship or vessel) and DIRECT (to regulate the course of.)

  • Use SOIDIR when needing your intention or actions to follow a straight, unblocked path and accomplish your goal quickly and efficiently.