Black folk and their witch bloodline

I have recently come across a lot of witches that claim to be descendents of the witches from Salem or something like that. It made me think of how magic is part of black culture, without us acknowledging it. A week ago I listened to @latouriste video on how she became a witch; and she mentioned how many women in her family have been psychic and been able to see the dead. How they have had dream premonitions. My first thought was all black women do that. My mom can do it and many of my family members can as well. I feel like that is a part of black culture, if a woman in your family tells you she had a dream or she feels a bad omen and not to go somewhere; we know that’s not something to mess with even though many black folk don’t identify as witches.

Today, I saw that someone had named themselves a hereditary witch and it got me thinking again about our bloodlines. I started thinking about how, not only do, we come from a long line of magical people, but people so strong that not even slavery could prevent us from moving towards prosperity. Somehow even with all the erasing of ancestry, we are still able to find that magic and pass it to our offspring. Creating a tradition of magic throughout the black community without even calling it magic. It’s really amazing when you think about it.

Just thinking out loud.