It’s sooo satisfying to do a bunch of clearing and charging! My darling ordered me a couple of books, one on candle magic, one on crystal magic, and they’ve both really helped me figure out how to care for my ritual items.

To “clear” an item is basically the same as “cleansing,” but with a different mentality. It’s not so much purging something that’s viewed as negative, insomuch as you’re just removing the cluttered energy so you can organize it yourself. You’re not “throwing away,” you’re “tidying up!”

Clearing can be done in various ways, particularly for crystals. You can hold it under running water, preferably in a stream to conserve tap water, as well as submerging it in a bowl of saltwater. You can leave the crystal outside or on the windowsill to let the sun and moon cleanse and charge it, you can pass it through incense, you can even bury it! Just bear in mind that some crystals don’t respond well to direct sunlight, to heat, or to saltwater. Get to know your crystal on a scientific as well as spiritual level to know how to best care for it!

Plus, I never really cottoned on to the fact that charging is better done when you focus the energy to your dominant or power hand. I had always held items in both hands, but just using my right hand and focusing my energies there, I can already feel a huge difference!

Oh, and there are sooo many ways to enhance candle magic! After clearing and charging the candle, you can engrave symbols on it and anoint it with oils, stuff I had heard about but never learned how to do in practice until now. I’m planning on using my amethyst point to engrave some runes and such on my candle and anointing it when I use it for my next spell, after clearing it!