5 Powerful Ways to Raise Your Vibration


1. Accept where you are and what you are feeling. Wherever you are and whatever you are feeling right now is okay.

2. Move your attention to something that makes you feel better. Even if you feel


better, it’s an improvement and it’s working.

3. Simply be aware. Become aware of your senses—feel the water when you wash your hands, enjoy the taste of the food you are eating, etc. Try meditation.

4. Appreciate what you have. Think of all the great things and people you are grateful for. 

5. Acts of Kindness. Do big or tiny acts of kindness for anyone you wish, including yourself. You can write someone a poem, draw something, or just tell someone how much you appreciate them.

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple effect with no logical end.” 

—Scott Adams

You can choose to do all five of these, a few of these, or even just one of these, and it will work.