~a spell to heal a wilting plant~




🌱full moon water (and a container for it)

🌱fresh soil

🌱ground eggshell powder

🌱dried leaves or roots you have collected from said plant


1)re-pot and change your plants soil (you can look up how to do it if you dont know how)(also re-pot doesn’t mean you cant use the same pot)this is good to do for your plant every once in awhile even if you are not performing a spell

2) take some of the new soil from the pot and surround the container of moonwater so you have a ring of soil with the water in the center. sprinkle the eggshell over the ring. place the leaves/roots around the ring (or in between depending on how big you made your ring) you can also add any crystals or additional herbs you associate with healing to the ritual if you wish

3) hold your hands over the water and fill it with the energy of all the things you have surrounded it with. add your own personal intent and energy. this step might take a bit of concentration and prior knowledge in energy manipulation

4) once you feel the water is plenty charged, return the soil back to the plant’s pot and despose of the dried leaves.

5) use your newly charged water to water your plant (i recommend using a spray bottle but shwatevs) if you wish, hum or sing a song to your plant while you water it.


this was my first ever original spell aaaaaa so sorry if its a bit confusing