How I make spellcandles

I was making a spell candle for the Imbolc ritual I’m hosting for the coven tomorrow and figured: why not turn it into a little tutorial? So here is my version of the spell candles!

What you need: (note: I made a candle for creativity and inspiration, so everything matches that goal. Change herbs, colours and stones to match any goal you want/need!)

🕯 a base candle, either white or a colour that works for your goal

🕯 through-and-though coloured candles for dripping in colours that match your goal. I usually use two or three, in this case yellow for happiness and inspiration and orange for creativity

🕯 herbs, I used basil (creativity), rose (passion/motivation), mistletoe (fertility for ideas) and mugwort (creativity)

🕯 small stone chips, I used aventurine, citrine and burnt amethyst (all for creativity)

🕯 oils, I used jasmine (creativity)

🕯 ribbon and charm (optional, but pretty!)

🕯 baking paper to protect your work surface

Start with carving some words or symbols into the candle. Today I used a bindrune for creativity, the runes kenaz (inner fire), wunjo (happiness) and gebo (gift).

Now drip the first colour. Make sure to first go around the edges for the pretty drips and then fill in the top.

Next are the herbs, stones and oil. Simply sprinkle them on top and arrange the bigger pieces so they are spread out a bit. Press the stones gently down into the still soft wax for sturdyness.

Drip the last colour, making sure to set but not drown the herbs, and tadaa! One pretty spellcandle! But wait, there’s more!

Tie the ribbon around the candle with one knot.

Slide on your charm and knot again, fitting it snuggly against the candle.

Make a pretty bow and trim the ends,and you’re done!

Burn it during your spell (note: remove the ribbon before it catches and reuse it!), place it on your altar or even make them to give away as gifts!

Also, feel free to tag me if you make one with the tutorial, I’d love to see them! 🌙