Sacred Places (Water)


These are places that could be considered sacred for someone who focuses on the element of Water in their craft.

Places In Nature

Hot Springs – Natural pools of energy, boiling up from deep in the earth. Warm, relaxing, and full of healing. 

The River – Always changing, full of strength. Powerful enough to carve through stone, gentle enough to dip your toes in.

The Ocean – Mysterious and welcoming, deep enough to hold your darkest secrets, and never let the light see them.

The Lake – Simple and homely, teeming with life. A place of forgiveness and rebirth.

Urban Places

Concrete Waterways – Found in almost every park, a place of refuge and shelter.

Water Parks – Full of laughter, fun, and families, all fueled by the power of water.

Hot Tubs – A man-made tribute to the power of hot springs, a place of relaxation and health.

Wells – Pulls wealth and prosperity from deep in the earth, homely and safe.