Bonding With Each Element



  • Taking a walk in a park or forest
  • Planting
  • Picking flowers (though, not from other people’s gardens, of course)
  • Grounding, meditating, etc.
  • -The key is to surround yourself with nature, whether it be sounds of nature, or even getting into kitchen magic, which will involve herbs.


  • Taking a stroll on a breezy day
  • Sitting in front of a fan (as an alternative to the above)
  • Anything creative (Dancing, singing, etc)
  • Divination (Smoke of an incense, crystal ball, taro/cartomancy, etc)
  • -The wind element is about expressing and realizing your creativity and talent. By doing this, you are bonding with the element.


  • Meditation with a lit candle
  • Drinking a cup of freshly brewed hot tea or coffee (don’t burn your mouth, now)
  • Activity that involves breaking a sweat (exercise, etc)
  • -Fire is about passion and anger, whether releasing that anger so it does not build up inside of you, or invoking a passion you have for something. This intensity will help you bond with the element.


  • Taking a long shower or bath
  • Making Sun or Moon Water
  • Collecting Rain/Snow/Storm/Sea Water
  • Dream Magick: making peaceful sleep satchets, etc
  • -Water is about purification, love, and psychic awareness. Cleansing yourself daily, charging water for a specific use, and healing will help you bond with this element.