As unique a stone as they come, opal does not actually possess the crystalline structure associated with minerals, making it a mineraloid! This organic gem supports people who break away from convention as well, stimulating freedom of thought and expression. It’s an ideal stone for anyone who needs help breaking the mold and embracing what makes them unique!

Energy ~ Both Projective & Receptive

Element ~ Earth, Water, Fire, Air

Planet ~ Mercury

Deities ~ Cupid, Cardea, Persephone, Chirakan-Ixmucane, Ixchel, Cyhiraeth, Dana/Danu

With an amorphous structure composed of about 20% water, opal requires special care to not begin to crack or fissure. There’s more than one kind of opal, and not all are iridescent! Each one has its own special energy that you need to familiarize yourself with to make the most of it. Make sure to not expose your opal to too much heat, be wary of letting it get chipped or scratched, and consider storing it in water when not in use.

Opals are formed by filling the cavities in sedimentary rocks or in the veins of igneous rocks.  It is also known to replace organic materials in fossils, wood, and shells, as well as bone. Aborigines believed the opal to descend from the heavens as a rainbow to proclaim peace among mankind, while some Greek legends attest that opals were formed from Zeus’s tears of joy at his victory over the Titans! This connects with beliefs among nomadic cultures of Arabia that opals were magical stones filled with the power of lightning that fell during thunderstorms in the desert.

Revered by ancient cultures for its ability to open the mind to greater cosmic awareness, opal was prized by astrologers and others specialized in divination. In addition to aiding in divination and being ideal for scrying, opal can be used to bring a deep sense of calm and wellbeing, with its strong water aspect also serving to amplify deep emotions and desires that may have been forgotten. This same water elementalism is utilized in feng shui by pairing opal with deep colors of black and blue to augment a space for contemplation, helping one to tap into water’s formlessness and serenity.

As a talisman, opal is believed to promote good vision and help one to distinguish their friends and their enemies. Medieval magicians believed that an opal amulet would go pale around someone who meant the wearer harm, and blush red with pleasure when in good company! This crystal also carries a distinct essence of transformation, helping us to reshape ourselves and our lives into what it is we desire most.

Opal set in gold and worn on the right index finger makes a good talisman for those who must work with other people. It enhances foresight, empathy, and confidence, and helps the wearer influence people to his point of view. On the flip-side, opal also aids in invisibility spells and can be worn as a talisman for this very purpose!

Housed within opal is the power of all the elements, and as such, it can be used for nearly any magical operation. It’s said to boost the energy of both the spell and the spellcaster, but exercise care and respect while using it! Opals can be kind of unpredictable. Opal is also a fantastic crystal to stimulate imagination and creativity, but it also magnifies emotions, so it might not be best to wear it all the time.

I know this is a long post, but I discovered that opal is my power stone in the Celtic Zodiac, and it excites me to no end! I think I’ll actually do a post on the Celtic Zodiac for my 750 Follower Special, so look forward to it!