Sodalite Experiments Lain

I’ve been working a lot with sodalite lately, and I have to say, it’s really fun to experiment with it for different spells! I’ve started keeping it close by while I do divinations of any kind, I’ve used it in a spell to help my friend overcome an addiction, and I’m presently using it in a spell to help me combat my insomnia and promote dreamwork! I’m also planning on using it as the focus in a spell to stimulate my creativity. Plus I’ve been meditating with it a lot!

Ah, also, I’ve been trying to charge it up with water energies more, like by doing water-element qigong before charging it or casting with it! I’ve also been cleansing it on a weekly basis, and I’m going to start using water to charge it up. I feel a really strong connection with this stone, and its associations with The Hermit and Sophia. That actually reminds me, I need to make a post about Sophia and Gnosticism in general sometime! That will be delightful!