My fiance came to me about some magic, so we h…

My fiance came to me about some magic, so we hooked something up.
Spell to boost manifestations.
Green chili pepper
Rose petals
2 candles
Crystal grid containing crystals to boost your wishes.
Dragon blood incense
Cinnamon rose incense
Bowl or oil burner
Paper and pen

1. Burn sage to clear the negative energy and negative intentions. Place in a safe place.
2. Essentially you place everything like you see in the picture above. Place both the pepper and the rose in bowl/oil burner. Add water in with herbs.
3. Light the candles.
4. Write your intention that you would like to manifest on the paper and hold it in your heart or where your power resonates from.
5. When you’re ready burn the paper and place it in the bowl.
6. Center your energy into the crystal grid and say bless this intention 7 times.
7. Let sit over night.

The crystal grid should amplify your intentions and manifest your goals. Dont forget to make sure you clear yourself of self doubt.

My crystal grid has 2 flourite obelisks, an onyx obelisk, aventurine pyramid, rough serpentine, and 4 selenite wands.

We did this last night, so I will let you know the outcome.