Herbal Sessions!

I am doing initial herbal sessions for $40 (compared to $150) this is only for a limited time, the price will go up after I graduate this June!

During this session we will:

– go over lifestyle changes for better wellness

-discuss your holistic health

– healthy eating habits

– go over herbs that could improve wellness.

– have a great experience that can help improve your life!

DM me or email at if your interested. I am looking forward to working with you!

So, someone brought it to my attention that it would be difficult to pay for this, which I understand, but my school is charging and not me, so I can’t help people the way I want. So I’m going to be secretive and do a

Buy one, get one free!

Send me someone who can pay or get a friend to go halfsies with you and get your session free!

I want to be able to help as many people as I can, but I don’t get clinic hours for those who can’t pay for the clinic. But good news it’s all online! So doesn’t matter if you can’t get to me!

Also, if you already had a session, follow up sessions are $30 for clinic. If you refer someone, I will take $10 off!

I really need clients and if I could do it for free and get credit, I would. So if you refer someone to me who can pay the clinical fee, yours will be free!