☀️💎Sun Crystals and How To Use Them💎☀️

☀️By color:

Yellow stones– Morning specifially 9 am- happiness, warmth, positivity, cleansing, uplifting, purity, sunshine, inner peace, optimism, truth

Orange stones– Sunset- creativity, anti-fear, healing phobias, confidence, assertiveness, boldness, comfort, happiness, sexuality

Red stones– Sunrise- physical healing, energy boost, magic boost, protection, strength, courage, bravery

Gold stones– Afternoon specially 12 pm- protection, fortune, luck, prosperity, confidence, good for reflecting sunshine and amplifying it

☀️Sun crystals-

Citrine– morning/sunrise- Never needs cleansing. Refreshing energy, releases negativite emotions. Happiness, positivty, intellect, motivation, optimism, concentration, peace, purifying, and cleansing

Pyrite– Afternoon, 12pm- protection (especially physical), luck, happiness, prosperity, truth, amplifies sunlight and sun energy, can replace gold in solar rituals.

Orange calcite– daytime, sunrise- alleviates fear and phobia, creativity, sexuality happiness, cleansing, confidence, self-trust, balance, clairvoyance, new beginnings, new ideas, ambition, and inspiration

Garnet– sunrise- an amazing energy amplifier, phsycial healing, protection, love, grounding, warmth, trust, psychic abilities, and calming the mind

Sunstone– daytime, sunrise to sunset- great for all sun magic, bring light, sun energy amplifier, protection, healing, joy, optimism, happiness, creativity, intuition, independence, strength, bravery, and enthusiasm

Carnelian– sunset- vitality, motivation, creativity, positivity, courage, energy, leadership, public speaking, performing, physical strength, and passion

Tiger’s Eye– afternoon, 12 pm- because it correspondes with both the sun and the earth tiger’s eye goes really well with solar grounding meditation, clairvoyance, protection, luck, clarity, grounding, relieves stress, balance, stability, and divination

Amber– sunset to sunrise, daytime- an old yet powerful energy, wisdom, protection, healing, love, clairvoyance, binding, luck, beauty, purifying, and life

Goldstone– sunset, afternoon, 12 pm- boosts life force, strength, amplifies sunlight, glamour, illusion, confidence, beauty, stability, relaxing yet revitalizing, harmonious relationships, abundance, prosperity, luck and courage

Golden/Honey Calcite– sunrise- warmth, positivity, energy, courage, recovery, healing, release, clarity, happiness, joy, peace, motivation, and clairvoyance

Updated: 3/22/18