Plant Spirit Spell

So this is a spell I am working on this evening during new moon. It’s a spell to communicate with plant spirits. It is loosely based off Lisa Chamberlain’s spell for something similar. While I was listening to her book, a spell came up my mind. Typically I look for signs and hear messages through my feeling. But this time I am going to attempt to make all messages clearer or at least connect on a deeper level with the plant spirits.

What you will need:

– wildflowers

-brewed tea

-a white candle

-a bowl of water

-outside space in nature.

1. Place the wildflowers in the bowl of water.

2. If you can place the candle in the bowl of water, if you can’t just place it on the side. Light candle.

3. Drink the brewed tea and thank the plant spirits for their energy and nourishment

4. Dip hands in water bowl and say:

Great plant spirits hear my plea,

With body and spirit one with thee,

Let the connection now begin,

Speak to me clearly, plant spirits, from not til the end.

5. Do this 3 times depending on your gut.

6. When finished blow out candle and and let the set up sit over night in your garden.

I will let everyone know how it goes. If you do it before me, let me know how it works for you!