Shaman lessons

Today I am having a listening day. This is where I take time to really learn and listen to the messages and lessons surrounding me. Lately, I have been feeling lost, and not knowing which path to take. I often pursue so many things at once and don’t take the time to truly master or understand why or what I am doing. So yesterday I asked my cards to help me, with no expectations of what the answer might look like. Here is my answer:

After seeing this, I had decided to focus today on the messages and shamanic learning. This morning I stumbled on a book, The Wisdom of the Shaman by Don Jose Ruiz. I started listening to it and almost began to cry. The way he explained a shamans purpose and how they see the world described how I talk to people around me. The things a shaman does to help people, I was doing this very week. I cried because I was told I already know where on going and I do without thought.

Lesson of the day:

Don’t let the lies of the ego mask the truth of who you are. You are a divine being of light and love and full of magic and wander. Listen to your soul knowledge. Dont fight your truth just because it is too grand and magnificent. Your soul knowledge will tell you the truth, away from fear or doubt. Release your need to hold on to pain and struggle, but work through it, accept that it cannot be changed, and release it. It’s ok to accept who you are, who you actually are. None of this is easy, but it is a lesson all the same.