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Black Tarot Excellence.

You have no idea how much representation matters. To be able to hold a deck with brown people, people who look just like me, my family, friends and clients has changed my Tarot experience for the better.  I finally feel like I belong. You would never think that the concept of a Tarot deck with people of color could have such a profound impact on a person but it has for me and my clients a thousand times over. There is a quote that states “If we fail to accurately and positively portray all types of individuals- not just heterosexual, muscular, Caucasian males – we erase the stories of the majority of the world.” I felt lost in the world of Tarot for so long. I sought to see decks representing me and my friends for a majority of my life and I am happy to live in a time where diverse decks are finally becoming more accessible. While I cannot speak for everyone, I feel that diverse decks help share our melanated stories, our experiences and help us relate to the archetypes of the Tarot in a way that decks with a majority of white figures cannot provide us.

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