Attracts people by: Exuberance, capturing and inspiring the inner child, spontaneity, innocent mischief, determination, appetite for life and deep immersion with friends, will to defend at all costs, the philosophy of trying over and over again
Loses people by: Antagonism and constant provocation, unpredictable outbursts, intimidation, temper, control, immaturity, treating people like resources

Attracts people by
: Beauty and love, nurturing and open mindedness, creativity and sensibility, social intuition, given respect, wise guidance, consistency and composure, temptation and co-operation 
Loses people by: Possession and control, lack of validating or defining state of relationship, lack of engagement in their interests, inflexibility, overly touchy and sensitive behaviour, treating people like resources  

Attracts people by: Wit, charm, and humour, intrigue, mystique and marvellous quantity of mind, adaptability and captivating conversation, libraries of information, spontaneity, curiosity, innocent mischief, infectious anticipation for the future 
Loses people by: Erratic and unpredictable presence and communication, constant debating and provoking, dishonesty, forgetting engagements and important details, playing devil’s advocate

Attracts people by: Receptivity and ability to sooth disturbance, inclusive embrace, idealistic teachings and knowledge, humour and offbeat eccentricities, tender arms and wise guidance
Loses people by: Constant repetition of destructive behaviours, withdrawal, unpredictable and one off outbursts of repressed rage, intrusive behaviour and trying to fix everybody’s problems, overly invested worrying and martyrdom 

Attracts people by: Charisma, magnetism, and heart, playfulness and creativity, leadership, sense of justice, invested blessing in the lives of others, and competence, honour, appetite for life, will to defend at all costs, warm vitality, courage  
Loses people by: Ego centrism, controlling behaviour, constantly demanding validation, lack of engagement in their interests, unpredictable outbursts, touchiness and over sensitivity 

Attracts people by: Wit, mind, sensibility, selfless giving and empathic conscience, wise guidance, stimulating conversation and knowledge, ability to care and nurture, natural proficiency and considerate
Loses people by: Intrusive problem solving and fretting, critique, paralysed emotional defences, frequent disengagement, nagging

Attracts people by: Natural appeal and mystique, adaptability and given respect and intrigue, cool charm and social skills, morality and empathy, relatable and sympathetic, and wise counsel, high ideals and opportunistic
Loses people by: Being unassertive and allowing it to build into a monumental outburst, imitation or echoing, obsession with relationships and romantic encounters, dependency

Attracts people by: Depth and allure, emotional bonding, safeguarding and undying protection, intellect and mystique, loyalty and slowly revealed vulnerability, ability to inspire inner confidence  
Loses people by: Antagonism, control and possession, withdrawal and reactivity, emotional coldness and emotional paralysis, self-righteousness, disconnecting privacy, staunch defence of personal ideologies

Attracts people by: Playful humour, wisdom and intelligence, natural joy, faith and generosity, laughter, fascinating philosophies, high ideals and opportunistic nature, infectious anticipation for the future 
Loses people by: Brutal and cruel honesty, refusing to apologise, diminishing and judging opinions and beliefs, self-righteousness, unpredictable temper, disinterested unless personally involved 

Attracts people by: Thoughtful gestures and sensibility, respect and honour, natural grace and competence, loyalty, wise counsel, resilience and unspoken support and reliability, social adaptability  
Loses people by: Lack of engagement and attention to their interests, emotional defences and paralysis, authoritarianism, trying to fix everybody’s problems, demand for conformity 

Attracts people by: Captivating charm and compassion complexity, humour, loyalty, marvellous mind, eccentricities, and humanitarian conscience, high ideals and inspiring imagination, exaggerated curiosity  
Loses people by: Self-righteousness and brutal honesty, emotional defences and paralysis, lack of deep personal engagement, unreasonable arguments and opposition  

Attracts people by: Wisdom and warmth, innocence and covert power, inspiration and social intuition, responsiveness and mystique, adaptability and spiritual radiance 
Loses people by: Constant repetition of destructive behaviours, emotional projection, over dependency, overly invested worrying and fretting, martyrdom