my love knows no bounds spell

for amplifying your love energy, making its presence undeniable even to those who don’t like you.


☁️ small empty bottle

✨ mica shimmer/glitter to represent your undeniable flair and magic

💧 rosewater/moon water for abundance of love energy

🌸 pink salt for purity and cleansing

🔮 rose quartz to assist amplifying your love (will not go in bottle)

🕯 candle


  • cleanse all materials before beginning
  • as you add all the items to the bottle, you can speak your intentions aloud. for example, I silently affirmed this:

my love is radiant and present in every encounter.

it is impossible to ignore my love energy.

others can’t help but fall under love energy. may they, too, experience joy and love.

  • leave bottle by candlelight for a while to soak up additional energies