Black herbalism series: African Herbalism | A …

Black herbalism series: African Herbalism | A Tribe of 3 Sisters Herbal:



I finally have my webinar! It’s only $5, but there are only 60 spaces so get it while you can, and only 30 people can order booklets to go with the webinar. Over 100 people requested it, so if we run out of spaces, I might do another one, but for right now, this is all there is. 

Because I had to change it to a product instead of a booking I am giving a free shipping code, because what do you need to ship for? You can use it on any product or you can use it on the webinar, but you can only use it once.

Code: Webinar

Also, if you were wondering this webinar is the beginning of a series of black herbalism practices around the world.

This course is for everyone, though of course the audience is black folk. It is OK if you want to support a black herbalist!