Astrologers, magicians, and perfumers were always in the courts of Europe. The great Masters from the temples in the Jinn state possess secret formulae in order to prepare perfumes. When their disciples inhale them, they then momentarily abandon their physical shape, or they are placed in the state of ecstasy.
These alchemical recipes have never been published because humanity would use them for evil purposes.
Aries: perfume of Myrrh
Taurus: perfume like Costus root, an aromatic herb
Gemini: perfume of Mastic
Cancer: perfume of Camphor
Leo: perfume of Frankincense
Virgo: perfume of White Sandalwood
Libra: perfume of Galbanum
Scorpio: perfume of Coral
Sagittarius: perfume of Aloe
Capricorn: perfume of Pine extract
Aquarius: perfume of Spikenard
Pisces: perfume of Thyme
Written by Samael Aun Weor