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🔥🔥❤️ NEW: Eros Sex & Love Goddess Intent Oil
Today’s 12 pm EST shop update/restock!
The Eros Sex & Love Goddess Intent Oil
For external and intentional use only, I created this blend to draw intimacy to higher levels! 🔥🔥

Just like the Pluto Death Oil this was designed to be potent so if I were you I would use for candle magick or wear a few drops on the skin, or more as desired. You can also use to annoint certain object and things (lipstick, jewelry, etc.) 😘❤️🔥
I also LOVE this oil for those that are exploring and furthering their understanding of themselves and their sensuality.
This oil is created to unlock some of those mysterious doors of pleasure and eroticism for yourself and with your partner(s).

🚨🚨 Do NOT use this to try and control others!!! It WILL backfire. Ya’ll should know better than that by now. What goes around comes around. Partners have to both be willing. If you’re attracting a new partner wear on the skin and let the right person come to you, like a moth to a hot flame 😉 🔥🔥🤤🤤
** SIDENOTE: For those that like to try and ‘check‘ me all the time for no reason- YES I know Eros is a god and YES I called this oil the Sex Goddess Oil.
Goddess energy is my interest first and foremost and I design my oils to compliment the goddess energy within each of us, thank you very much. ❤️💋💋

FULL restock of all items will be today at 12 pm EST- from beauty butters to intent oils, and more.
Customs are CLOSED.

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