• 12 ❇️ Symbols in Astrology
  • 12 ❇️ Symbols in Numerology 
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  • 12 ❇️ blah blah blah, I want to focus on numerology. Because its had the biggest impact on my life.

  🔮 How interesting it is to be alive in this pivotal time in human consciousness. Social structures & personal values are changing while almost simultaneously science and spirituality are beginning to merge. Vibrations and frequencies are rising, guiding us to become the best versions of our souls.

This requires a greater balance between the masculine and feminine energies within us. The duality of this shift, comes with very intense emotional physical and mental challenges that could result in feelings of depression, loneliness, and detachment from this reality. Our great war is a spiritual one ☯

For those who are interested, by applying the principles of numerology & astrology, using basic data, such as: birth name, birth date, birth time and birth place. I can help prepare you for upcoming challenges, create a deeper awareness of strengths and weaknesses, uncover your destiny and unlock your full potential and much more. I’m gonna explain all 12 numeric symbols individually. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 are the core energies. 11, 22, 33 are the master energies.

1 Masculine – Aligned with ♈Aries ♂ I Exist 🌸 1 represents the masculine energy. Singularity, independence, action, achievement & originality are the focus here. The do’er.

2 Feminine – Aligned with ♉Taurus  I Have 🌸 2 represents the feminine. Duality, partnerships, teamwork, support, emotional literacy, vulnerability, empathy & intuition are the focus of this energy. People that carry this energy are peace makers that “wear they’re on heart they’re sleeves”. 1 energy is about oneself. 2 energy is about others.

3 Creation – ♊Gemini I Think 🌸 3 represents freedom, expression, creativity, entertainment & Imagination. 3 is the off-spring of energies 1 & 2. It is the creative child. The most charismatic & gifted of all energies.

4 Stability – Aligned with ♋Cancer ♀ I Feel 🌸 4 represents the home. stability, security, hard work, devotion and patience. Those with 4 energy build and up hold foundations.

5 Freedom – Aligned with ♌Leo I Will 🌸 5 represents the Free Spirit. Travel, change, communication, innovative, freedom variety and adventure are the focus here.

6 Balance – Aligned with ♍Virgo I Analyze 🌸 6 represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth. 6 energy is the equilibrium that holds the world together.

7 Knowledge – Aligned with ♎Libra ♂ I Balance 🌸 7 represents the energy of the Truth-Seeking. Scholarly, meditative states, solitude, philosophy, enlightenment, spirituality, mystery & esoteric meanings are the focus of this energy. Knowledge through self realization is key here.

8 Abundance – Aligned with ♏Scorpio I Desire 🌸 8 represents resource & abundance. Achievement, success, wealth, power, business, acknowledgment & continuation are the focus here. Many of the financially wealthiest people carry this energy.

9 Wisdom– Aligned with ♐ Sagittarius I See 🌸 9 represents completion. 9 is the last single digit numeric symbol & the combination of all single digits before it. Altruism, humanitarianism, attainment, satisfaction, inventiveness are the focus here. 9 can influence any situation and thing. The Teacher & The Empath.

Yo 🐧 So the last 3 Energies to the complete the 12 numeric symbols are the Master Numbers. 11 and 22, 33. These numbers are called Master Numbers because they have a higher intensity then the single digit core symbols. Together, this trinity of master numbers represents the trinity to enlightenment.

11 ❇️ Spiritual Manifestation (Vision) Aligned withCapricorn ♂ I use🌸 11 represents The Spiritual Messenger. Combined with the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine, It is the most intuitive and sensitive of all numbers. 11 energies are here to help further the spiritual development of humanity to the highest vibration.

22 🎇 Spiritual Building (Mastery) Aligned with ♒ Aquarius ♂ I See 🌸 22 represents The Master Builder, it is the most powerful of all the numbers. The 22 energy has a natural gift for manifesting great things that can change people’s  day-to-day lives in a practical way.

33 🎇 Spiritual Creation (Guidance) Aligned with ♓ Pisces ♂ I Think 🌸 33 represents The Master Teacher. The 33 is the most influential of all numbers. 33 is the representation of personal martyrdom for the higher purpose of human development, they push through all personal desires and focus all energy for the collective need.

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