It is time from growth, for renewal. It is time for you to clear the air within your space. Add some plants to clean the air. The tides have grown and it is time for you to be ready for what is next. There is so much change to come, don’t get smashed my by the wave of newness, instead embrace it, flow with the new current of the atmosphere. Positive change is coming, the only thing is you must be ready to accept it. You need to be open to  what it has to offer. Do not close yourself off because of past experiences or past sorrows. You have been molded into this, it has been coming for you. will you answer the call? will you be there to take what belongs to you? The time is now and now is for you!

I had to get this out, it has been gnawing at me all day. I couldn’t hear the message until just now. I hope it reaches who it needs to.