Correspondences for Succulents and Cacti


     So I know there are a lot of witches, including myself, who grow succulents and cactus plants. Despite that there seems to be hardly any resources or correspondences/uses for them in witchcraft. So I figured I’d share my own with you guys, these aren’t strict guidelines they’re just personal correspondences so feel free to use them or base your own different correspondences off of them, or completely disregard them.

Cactus Correspondences/Uses:

  • Protection magic
  • Wards (cactus or just their needles are good for “offensive” type of wards as well that “poke back” at the person or spirit that try to cross it)
  • Needles can be used in curses as something to cause them pain (physical or metaphorical)
  • Endurance of a spell (like make the spell last longer, have a better chance against blocks) since cacti can grow while enduring harsh conditions.
  • Personal growth spells, spells to overcome obstacles, or spells to get over something that previously happened (again, growing through harsh conditions)

Succulent Correspondences/Uses:

  • Luck and money spells (honestly this doesn’t have a specific reason I just remember hearing that somewhere but it resonated with me and works for me personally)
  • Home related magic
  • Endurance of spells (same reasoning as cactus)
  • Personal growth, overcoming obstacles, getting over something (again, same as cactus)
  • Charging with specific energy (succulents tend to store a lot of water in their leaves, charge your water with a specific intent or energy before you water it and the succulent will hold onto that and give off some of that energy over time)

 Of course these are just general, and specific types of cacti and succulents will have their own correspondences as well. For example Aloe Vera has healing and soothing properties and the gel can be used to help with minor cuts and burns. Hope this helped give people some ideas of what to do with the extra leaves and needles they collect from their plant friends.