💋⚘💖Herbs, Roots and Curios for Love Spells in Hoodoo 💖⚘💋

Just a little list of different herbs and roots and stuff regularly used in hoodoo/rootwork for love drawing, attracting lovers, creating passion, etc! Feel free to do more of your own research, as these various herbs and roots can be used in all sorts of spells, bags, baths…

💖JEZEBEL ROOT – attracts men and lovers with money! Highly loved by sex workers.

💋QUEEN ELIZABETH ROOT (Orris root) – I’ve seen some people say this root should only be used by women trying to seek a man, but that’s not true. The root itself can be consecrated in the name of the woman you wish to attract. If you’re a lesbian or a woman or someone who is more femme aligned and are searching for another femme aligned partner, you can use two of these to represent you and the target you’d like to draw. If you’re more masculine and your target is more masculine, like for example if you’re butch, you can use High John root, and if your target is femme you can use Queen Elizabeth. Or if youre both masculine, you can use High John. Same goes for gay men, and literally everyone lol. Even if a lot of websites try to put heternormativity on these roots, regardless of your assigned gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc, you can use them. These roots have always been used by LGBT+ identifying practitioners. You just gotta make it work for you, don’t let them tell you otherwise. Let the roots and their energy guide you and you decide how to best implement them in your work.

💖CATNIP – amazing in both love work and attraction. Used traditionally to attract lovers and catch and keep their attention.

💋DAMIANA – a strong aphrodisiac long used by the indigenous people of Mexico, this plant can be used to increase passion or to make a lover stay with you.

💖LAVENDER – this sweet smelling herb brings love to you regardless of gender, especially when mixed with rose buds. A very peaceful herb.

💋DEERSTONGUE – gives you fine speech, so I can imagine this is good for sweet talking your way into someone’s arms. Popularly used in both court case and love spells, used to attract and convince someone to love or marry you.

💖CARDAMOM – Brings good luck in love affairs and sexual relationships! Use this if you’re looking for more lusty effects, as this is a warmer spicier kind of thing.

💋DILL – another lusty herb, these seeds bring good luck to romantic matters, and can be used in love drawing baths

💖HIBISCUS – amazing in love spells, this sweet flower is another good ingrediant if you’re looking for a lusty effect. Used as an aphrodisiac, for passion and for lust and love.

💋MANDRAKE ROOT – (poisonous obviously so be careful) believed to aid in fertility, considered a strong aphrodisiac. Can be used to make love dolls.

💖GINGER ROOT/JAMAICA ROOT – in hoodoo it’s used to heat up love spells, and is good for increasing passion.

💋LOTUS ROOT- used in love works and works of fertility! It’s associated with water and the moon.

💖GENTIAN ROOT – draws good luck in love! Attracts love towards you and keeps it with you.

💋HONEYSUCKLE – enhances love and sexuality, these petals are also used to sweeten people to you, but also for good luck and prosperity.

💖LOVAGE ROOT – a go-to root for love work! Used to make one more attractive and alluring to others!

💋JASMINE – the scent of these flowers evoke passion and love! Some call the scent an aphrodisiac, and many use it in love drawing spells.

💖CUBEB BERRIES – used to control a lover. Another herb that is better suited for lusty and sexual love kind of spells.

💋JUNIPER BERRIES – they’re great for sexual love magic! Used to attract a sexual partner but can also be used for protection.

💖CORIANDER – the seeds create passion! Helps with keeping your love faithful.