🧜🏻‍sea witch’s treasures


🐚beach sand
+ useful for grounding, stress relief, renewal, transformation
+ may be mixed with herbs or salt to toss in purification rituals

+ peace, stress relief, intuition, wisdom, repels negativity
+ comes in a variety of colors with multiple uses 

+ may be used as a base for crafting a wand or staff
+ small pieces may be carved with runes or sigils

🐚sand dollars
+ used in spells related to balance or money
+ may be used to represent a pentagram 

🐚sea glass
+ can represent transformation and acceptance of change
+ array of colors, useful for altar decor or as an addition to spell jars

+ bladderwrack attracts positive energy and money
+ used in general for protection at sea and to summon the winds

🐚shark teeth
+ may be used in spells to find lost items or aggressive magic
+ may be used as a substitute for nails in witch bottles and rituals

+ renewal, good luck, intuition, empathic abilities
+ may be used to represent a pentagram

+ abalone used for holding herbs & crystals or as a smudge pot
+ augers for masculinity 
+ clams for purification and love
+ cockles for love and friendship
+ conch for communication and summoning
+ cowry for fertility and femininity 
+ limpets for courage and confidence 
+ moon snail for lunar magic and peace
+ murex for defense and protection
+ nautilus for mental clarity and knowledge
+ oysters for banishment and good fortune
+ scallops for travel and movement, all-purpose
+ whelks for positive change and to gain control