aphroditiful: If your spells have been working…


If your spells have been working or you’ve received some good luck, thanking the universe is one way to show your gratitude!
Here is how…

You Need:

💧a White Candle
💧a bowl of Moon Water
💧a bowl of Soil
💧 a White Feather
💧 an empty pot or bowl

💧a seed, this could be a flower or herb

Find a good spot outside in a park or your garden, even on your balcony or windowsill.

Arrange your candle, water, soil and feather in a diamond shape as indicated in the picture, with your Empty bowl in the center.

Light the candle to begin the spell.

1) say the following:

“Earth, Air, Water and Fire, upon the Universe I did intrude
I bring to thee this offering, in my eternal gratitude”

2) Then, take the bowl of soil and empty it into your middle bowl.

“From the soil that I did take from
To this soil new life will come”

3) Next, empty the water onto the soil and say:

“Universe I set thee free,
I nourish thou as thou hath nourished me”

4) Create a small hole in the soil of the middle bowl and plant your seed in it, say:

“I have achieved my manifestation,
I now give back to new creation”

5) lastly, wave your feather over the planted seed and blow on it lightly, say:

“Breath of life and breath of love,
It is below as it is above”

6) blow our your candle and end the ritual!


You can now repot or plant your seed in a garden or pot, or keep it in its original bowl. Water it and take care of it as an act of gratitude toward the earth and universe!


– requested by @the-mini-witch