Fae work guide: types of witches

This is a guide on which fae work best with certain types of witches. If I missed anything I’ll be happy to fix or add it! Thanks so much to @anonymous-alchemist without them I couldn’t have made this post

🌱healing/garden/floral witches- garden fae, floral fae (These fae are the most gentle and sweet)

🏠Kitchen/cottage/hearth witches- gnomes and brownies, hobgoblins, leprechauns, banshees, herb fae, spice fae and fire fae (live in the hearth and the candles you light.)

💧Water/sea/lunar witches- mermaids (duh), selkies, lunar court/moon faeries, naiads, and the faery Queen Nimue

🌳Green/earth/animal witches- forest fae, gnomes, knockers, The Greenman, pixies, brownies, dryads, dwarves, herb/plant fae, leprechauns, goblins, tree fae, trolls, giants and Cerridwen

🔥Fire/solar/glimmer witches- sun court/solar fae, dragons, salamanders, will-o-the whisps, Brigid

💨Air/storm witches- Vila, Queen Arianrhod, rainbow sprites, weather fae (storm fae, wind fae), nephelai, butterfly and dragonfly sylphs

🌟Cosmic/star witches- cosmic fae and stellar fae

❄Ice/winter witches- Jack Frost, snowflake faeries, winter court, and Holda