So, stereo typically in the media, i tend to s…

So, stereo typically in the media, i tend to see people who identify themselves as a witch to be someone "other" then a person of color. Why do you identify as such? What does it mean? How do you think your influence of being a person of color impacts your identity as a witch?

hi! I identify as black. I am an African american female living in america lol. The way I feel, my culture, the magic that runs through me is a result of my color, how my ancestors were treated. It is a result of how I was treated growing up compared to other black folk. My experience for some reason has been so different and it makes no sense, but I understand those who lived similarly to me or had less than me. It gives my craft a sense of compassion and love for the broken and misunderstood, that most people only scrape the surface of.

  The only parts of my ancestry that is easy to identify is descendant of slave (which I am proud of) and Seminole native american (equally proud of) on both my mom and dads side (2 displaced peoples). Of course, a lot of my craft is ancestral. A lot of my intuition comes from my ancestors whispering in my ears, telling me things, I wasn’t even sure I knew.  I could be making a remedy for something and be told to use something I don’t even know what it is used for. Later I will find out that it is used for what I needed. 

sorry I am rambling. I’m pretty sure I am channeling. Good question!