Hi guys,

I hate to ask you all, but I could really use your help. Due to some unfortunate events, my boyfriend and I have to find a new place to live within the next 30 days. So money is going to be extremely tight for us. We are making every effort so that we can pay bills, put down a security deposit, have gas to get to work, and food to eat. So we could use all the help we can get in order for us to avoid being homeless.

With that being said, I have opened up Tarot readings. I’ll be charging $2 a card.

Or you can visit my etsy shop for other specialty readings

If you cant quite afford the readings, DM me and we can work something out.

How the readings will work:

All readings will be pretty lengthy, intuitively done with love, and will get back to you within a day or 2 of your request. If something happens to where I need a longer length, I will let you know.

1. DM your name, question, and how many cards you would like me to draw. Any information you feel like I need to know would be helpful for me to connect to your energy.

2. I will then do your reading. After I’ve done that, I will message you to request payment via PayPal or Ko-Fi. After payment is received, I will send you your reading.

3. The only time I will deny a reading is if I feel like your question is too intrusive in another person’s life.

If you dont need a reading, can you please signal boost so word gets out? Any help would be appreciated!!

Thank you so much for helping this witch out!! I appreciate all the continued support that you have blessed me with.

It will be my honor and privilege to do a reading for you 💕🔮


Please boost! I have $15 in my bank account that needs to last until Friday.

Thank you!

All right, so now that we have the apartment, we still need about $600 for the security deposit due by the 25th of sept!! With that, the $15 in my bank is now down to $2 until tomorrow. So that means no lunch for me today lol

So I’m lowering the price of readings.

$1 per card


$5 for me to intuitively draw as many cards that I feel would work for your specific reading. This can be anywhere from 5 to 13 cards. Maybe more if I feel that I need to!

Please DM me for a reading so that it remains private!

Thank you for allowing me to do a reading for you 💕 I could really use the help!