jeneka: 🏺🌻☀️I had to remake my altar since …


🏺🌻☀️I had to remake my altar since I moved with my boyfriend and because I’ve  evolved pretty much too. Oshun. She had always been here for me and gave me all I wanted. My wonderful boyfriend, my dream job at an esoteric library, my self love, my knowledge and all these good opportunities and abundance. I’m not perfect, and everything is no going to be perfect because it’s duality but I’m closer of what I really am and I have the force to stand up when it’s hard, thanks to her. And Sangola, the guardian spirit that my mother assigned to me. He did a very good job since birth. I kept my other altars too, but I had to relocate them. For those who are interested, I’ve listed what’s on it : 

🏵️A big chunk of citrine, for solar energy, abundance and  “joie de vivre”

🏵️Five cowrie shells, for celebrate divination and wealth

🏵️A sweet water shell offered by a friend 

🏵️ A gold wedding ring and a pair of earrings with Taras, offered by my indian godmother which I share my second name with.

🏵️South crosses from West Africa, I’m from Mali, I’ve always feel drawn by the desert and by it

🏵️Pieces of amber, cinnamon, and vanilla honey, for Oshun

🏵️A gold bell with sun and moon, for debuting and ending my rituals, also for purifying energies and representing for me akasha element

🏵️A tillandsia, for representing earth element

🏵️A bottle of florida water, because I love the smell and its potency

🏵️A clear quartz, for protecting my space, purifying and amplifying the energies

🏵️Three flasks of homemade Oshun oil, Rosemary oil and Power oil,

 🏵️The Sun and the Lovers of the Golden tarot of Klimt (which is one of my favorite painter), for the energies I want to raise in my life (success, choices, love, etc.)

🏵️Three seeds of Vietnamese apples, a tibetan singing bowl bought in China and a fan bought in Vietnam on which I’ve put orange essential oil (when I travel, I like to bring back things who will help me in my craft and seeds from fruits who are growing there. I give them as offerings to thank the universe, gods and spirits for the opportunities to go to these places), 

🏵️Five dried yellow roses and anise seeds, in a coconut shell painted with sigils, for Oshun, protection and efficiency of my spells 

 🏵️Dried calendula on a pot decorated with a golden pendant representing Africa, for Oshun and for respect

🏵️ A tiny golden calice filled with water, for representing water element and for my spirits to never get thirsty.

🏵️Moroccan lanterns, because my great grandfather is moroccan and I find them pretty. 

🏵️An image of a  peacock, a yellow candle (for representing fire element too), a Oshun incense in a tiny flask and a heart shaped stone for Oshun 

🏵️Three pieces of money of the currency I use everyday (euro), for luck, wealth, abundance and good fortune. I like to think that Sangola and my ancestors can use it on the other side too. 

🏵️ A pentacle for protection

🏵️Resin statue of Oshun and ebony wood statue of Sangola.

Sorry if my words and sentences are not correct, english is not my birth language.