the magick of coffee

enjoying your coffee, latte or mocha in the morning can be a small ritual of its own. coffee as a fruit, as well as what flavors and milks you choose to enjoy with it, all have magickal properties that can work well together.

coffee magick

the magickal properties of coffee include: grounding, peace of mind, overcoming negativity, and breaking curses. it is also commonly used as an offering to ancestors, spirits and deities. 

coffee can also be used for divination; it’s said that bubbles in your cup of black coffee are a sign of good luck (and extra luck if you can catch the bubbles with a spoon and eat them!). 

coffee and espresso are also a great way to fertilize your garden and charge your herbs with higher energy!

flavor magick

sugar: used to “sweeten” both literally and magically! brings positivity.

vanilla: promotes happiness, calmness and love

hazelnut: brings you spiritual

chocolate: emotional release, prosperity

cinnamon: attracting wealth, passion

milk magick

cow milk (comfort, protection), almond milk (good luck), soy milk (psychic awareness), rice milk (blessings, prosperity), coconut milk (purification, protection), cashew milk (money), oat milk (prosperity, wealth)