Hi! So I have a friend who’s in her firs…

Hi! So I have a friend who’s in her first trimester and is really nervous to touch cold/flu meds because they could harm her baby. I thought I’d be an awesome witchy friend and come up with some pure herbal tea alternatives, but the few I know seem to be super dangerous for pregnant women! Do you know some herbs she can drink or take that are pregnancy safe for cold and flu? Or even pain? She gets back pain already so that’s gonna be rough when her pregnancy back pain kicks in too! Thanks heaps

Thank you for asking me! This is a great question and for back pain: raspberry leaf and ginger are gentle remedies for pregnant women. As for the cold an elderberry syrup with echinacea is safe for pregnant women. My best friend is going through these things right now so, these are some from the top of my head that I know are safe for use. Make sure she only drinks 3 servings a day. 1 if using raspberry leaf. Elderberry syrup would be 2 tsp per serving. Tea would be 2-3 g per cup of hot water.

Great question!