General Color Correspondences 🌈

depending on your personal views of the colors! if you had a sad experience with the color yellow involved, yellow can be a sad color for you! if your creative/artsy room is the color pink and you work best there pink can be your creative color! it’s all about the associations YOU make in YOUR brain. so these are more like suggestions than rules! here are the overviews of the color groups


general: passion, aggression, energy, love, action, grounding, desire, gratification, necessity, instinct

planetary/cosmically: mars, aries, orion

chakra: 1st, root

crystals: red tigers eye, carnelian, red jasper, black tourmaline


general: energy, vitality, enthusiasm, success, encouragement, health, stimulation, endurance, expression, freedom, extroversion, pride, ambition

planetary/cosmic: the sun/mercury/jupiter, leo,

chakra: 2nd, sacral

crystals: carnelian, crocoite, orange calcite, sunstone, goldstone,


general: positivity, happiness, energy, success, illumitation, light, triumph, spotlight, confidence, favorable outcomes, harmony, power, stength

planetary/cosmic: the sun, saturn, gemini

chakra: 3rd, solar plexus

crystals: serpentine, citrine, amber, topaz, tiger’s eye


general: growth, abundance, renewal, harmony, fertility, finances, ambition, safety, emotion, healing

planetary/cosmic: venus, taurus, earth, pisces

chakra: 4th, heart

crystals: emerald, malachite, amazonite, labradorite, chrysoprase, fluorite, green calcite, unakite


general; intellect, truth, wisdom, clarity, depth, trust, faith, loyalty, calm, serenity, freedom, intuition, sensitivity, communication, peace, integrity

planetary/cosmic: neptune, libra, aquarius, pisces, sirius

chakra: 5th, throat

crystals: kyanite, blue lace agate, ocean jasper, larimar, sapphire, blue calcite, sodalite, blue goldstone, turquoise, blue chalcedony


general: psychic abilities, intuition, knowing, royalty, luxury, nobility, power, creativity, peace, mystery, magic, spirituality, insight

planetary/cosmic: uranus, sagittarius, leo

chakra: 6th, third eye

crystals: amethyst, fluorite, lepidolite, amentrine, charoite, sugilite


general: love, relationships, friendship, respect, nuturing, traditional femininity, emotion, passion, playful, understanding, self care, sensuality, youth

planetary/cosmic: venus, taurus, pisces, eros

chakra: 4th, heart

crystals: rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, pink tourmaline, pink botts agate, morganate


general: earth, grounding, centering, fertility, warmth, hearth, foundation, firmness, natural, stability, animals, health

planetary/cosmic: capricorn, scorpio, earth, chiron(?)

chakra: root/1st

crystals: amber, tiger’s eye, sandstone,


general: mystery, grounding, blocking negative energy, protection, transformation, sheilding, banishing, veiling, intensity, power, control

planetary/cosmic: pluto, scorpio, orion

chakra: root/1st

crystals: black tourmaline, smoky quartz, obsidian, hematite, dalmation jasper, onyx

🔗 Grey:

general: medians, balance, compromise, stagnation, rest, middle ground, neutrality, melding, flatness, even, stillness

planetary/cosmic: pluto, orion, scorpio, libra, saturn

chakra: n/a

crystals: smoky quartz, quartz, celestite, hematite, cryolite, white howlite, selenite


general: purity, composure, light, innocence, naivete, cleanliness, cleansing, healing, beginnings, safety, comfort, positivity, illumination, spirituality, sincerity, perfection, peace, wholeness, simplicity

planetary/cosmic: cancer, the moon, virgo, hera

chakra: crown

crystals: white howlite, selenite, clear quartz, pearl, sodalite, calcite, opalite, moonstone, dalmation stone, spirit quartz, angelite