5k Giveaway!!

So I recently hit 5k followers! yay!!! So I will be giving away some cool things!! Now some of the things you see are just representations of what you get, but it will be new and not used lol


– 2 New long candles

– 2 8oz jars of your choice of herbs.

– 1 tincture of your choice.

– 1 palo santo stick

– 2 crystals

– The Herbalist way book!

Here’s how you enter:

1. Follow me @aerieherbal

2. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel

3. Follow my Instagram

4. After you’re done reblog this so your friends get a chance!!

Good Luck

Extra entry if you comment on one of my videos!

Giveaway ends january 30th

*this giveaway is in no way affiliated with tumblr*

I already follow you on every platform mentioned lol so I’ll just go leave my comment on YouTube 😭😊

I have decided if you already follow me, I’m including you. So everyone who is following me gets counted lol