Crystal Herbalism – Faerie  Chrysanthemum …

Crystal Herbalism – Faerie 


Within the roaming hills of Scotland lies the faerie realm in the Isle of Skye. Lush green hills molded by elder grey stones, Faerie pools are scattered within the valley of the stone mountains. The mossy landscape is owned by the fae, sacred energy.

As you stand on the hills, watching the ocean caress the shore and the mossy stone mountains engulf castles ruins, you are welcomed by the fae to savor the magic of their lands.

This Chrysanthemum has a shadow of a faerie naturally occurring on its inky surface. 🌑 Chrysanthemum is a stone that allows you to manifest your dreams and cultivate a deeper connection to your intuition. Place this stone by your bed to connect with the Fae in your dreams. This stone is the balance of light and darkness, it connects to both the full and new moon.