Chiromancy, or palm reading, is the ancient art of using the palms of the hands to learn more about a person or tell their future or past life. While it is known to have roots deep within India, I believe this divination was practiced from the first peoples that walked this earth – it goes back to Lemuria. Today, it is one of the most common methods of communicating with the divine.⁣

Let’s take a look at some palm reading basics, including what the major lines mean. (SCROLL THROUGH THE VIDEOS ABOVE) ⁣

Which palm should you read? Well, ideally, you can read both.. this is my favorite way to read past life/future life. The theory is though that the left hand shows potential, or even lessons that you’ve learned in your past, while the right hand shows what you’ve done with that potential or possible lessons to learn and embrace. Some palm readers believe that “the left is what the gods give you, the right is what you do with it”.⁣

The lines :: ⁣

The Heart Line⁣

The heart line runs horizontally across the top of the palm.  It represents  both the physical and emotional state of your heart.⁣

The Head Line⁣

The head line runs horizontally across the middle of the palm, just below the heart line. it represents the physical and emotional state of your brain and mind.⁣

The Life Line⁣

The life line is the curved line that begins somewhere between the end that finger and thumb in curves downward toward the base of the sun. This line does not indicate how long you will live, but instead represents various strengths such as vitality and prosperity.⁣

The Fate Line⁣

Though this line is not present in everyone, it can be found at running vertically from the base of the palm and up to the middle. This line represents aspects of your life such as career path and success.⁣