Crystal Herbalism – Amethyst with Citrine Vein…

Crystal Herbalism Amethyst with Citrine Veins

Into The Lavender Field – sunshine among the flowers.

This self standing piece is one of the highest vibration stones to evoke spiritual growth. This stone is unique with citrine veins that run along the amethyst, due to the natural heating in the cave it was grown in.

Amethyst & Citrine:

  • Flow of Divine Feminine energy to move down throughout chakra system
  • Solar Plexus, Third Eye, & Crown Chakra activation
  • Enhances lucid dreaming
  • Deepens your intuition, dream travel, faerie magick
  • Manifesting creativity
  • Psychic visions with clarity
  • Enlightenment
  • Amplifies meditation space
  • Ignites confidence and self love
  • Protection

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