i also need white feminist to realize that many woc find being mothers empowering because in more ways than one our ancestors had the right to be mothers taken away from them by white governments.

*cough* slavery *cough*

Yep. Also forced sterilization and genocide…

Residential schools taking your children away. Native children being put into white foster homes so their culture is stolen from them from their first moment of life.

ICWA wasn’t enacted until 1978 when the federal government gained recognition that Native children were undergoing removal at much higher rates than non-Natives. As someone whose mother was forcibly removed and placed into a new home far away from her birthplace at 3 months, it’s important to never overlook the struggles Native mothers have undergone since colonization.

This is a really amazing point of view.

White Feminist/”Progressives” Don’t realize a lot of stuff is important to us because we were denied it

Basically white feminists forget that we don’t all have the same history.

On residential schools, a Canadian senator, a white woman obv, tried to defend them as late as 2017, which is FUCKING INSANE because the government itself has described them as a willful attempt at cultural genocide.

Because this woman has never had to, for a second, imagine losing her children or her ability to have them just because of her race. She has no idea.

This is why we need better support for mothers, especially mothers of color. Women of color should be able to bear and raise children without having to worry about money, sleep, or anything else. The legacy of NOT being able to have children is horrific.