There are seven days of the week, & seven major planets of astrology. Each day corresponded to a planet/god-ess, & thus, each day is drenched in their power. The day of your birth can reveal powerful, interesting secrets about you & your own destiny. Which day were you born on?


“Monday’s child is born with Grace”

Monday is the day of the moon, otherwise known as ‘moonday’. Artemis/Diana is your patroness goddess. The Lunar Forces bless the child born on monday with tremendous psychic abilities, a gift to understand others & the gift of empathy.

Monday children are very sensitive, yet, they get easily angry as they feel very frustrated with the emotions of others. Usually, they are gentle & soft spoken as the light of the moon sweetens them from the inside. Most monday children are said to suffer from insomnia as the moon watches them at night & cannot easily let her children fall asleep. Monday children have a natural ability for glamour/beauty spells, & they also have a very powerful healing magic. The key to unlock their power is water, as the ancient magic taught us that the moon rules over all waters.


“Tuesday’s child is born with Valour”

Tuesday is the day of Mars, associated with Tyr’s the Norse War god & Mars/Ares. The passion of Mars blesses the children born on Tuesday with a fiery will & great enthusiasm! Tuesday children act spontaneously & love to alway take what they want. They are warriors, & this is either easily noticed or ignored. Their calling is to claim their power & become the brave children of mars, as the God of War intended.

Self righteousness is one of their characteristics as a child, but as they grow up, they will realise that more opinions are needed to be expressed & to see both sides. They are also prone to accidents, but considered very faithful & mighty. They have a natural ability for offensive spells, fighting evil & exorcisms. They are also very good at channeling enthusiasm & inspirations – hence, the key to unless unlocking their powers is enuthusiasm & inspiration.


“Wednesday’s child is born with Agility”

Wednesday is the day of Mercury, associated with Odin the Norse god of Wisdom & Mercury/Hermes. The Wisdom & Agility of Mercury blesses the child born on wednesday with avery strong, practical & powerful mind. Curiosity is second nature to them & they have a natural talent for business & communication.

Their calling is to discover & learn more & more every day. Children born on wednesday are gifted with the ability to cope with different stimuli st the same time, giving them the ability to multi-task & make them great at almost any job. It it said that children born on wednesday are usually very happy with their lives. Wednesday children also have a natural ability in astral projection & telepathy, as their consciousness is extremely powerful & they know how to control it. The key to unlocking their magical powers is their curiosity.


“Thursday’s child is born with Nobility”

Thursday is the day of Jupiter, associated with Thor the Norse God of Thunders & Jupiter/Zeus. The Royal nature of Zeus blesses these children with optimism & good luck. They have a strong sense of justice, which blesses them with respect from others & gives them a strong ability to know exactly what’s good for them – & chase that from a young age. They attract attention & opportunities – hence, doors open right infront of them.

These children are gifted with the ability to find their way to success – although, this may take time. They are often well behaved, yet, sincere which sometimes causes them problems. They have a natural ability for good luck spells & spells for any kind of success/or evolution. The key to unlocking & igniting their powers is optimism.


“Friday’s child is born with Charms”

Friday is the day of Venus, associated with Freja the Norse Goddess of Love & Beauty & Venus/Aphrodite. The Great Enchantress of the Pantheon blesses these children with a natural ability to enchant almost anything once they accept their nature & realise how beautifying they are. They are extremely talented artistically & have an amazing ability to bring peace, harmony & beauty wherever they go.

It is said, that the shadow of children born on Friday can beautify anything that falls on to it. As they grow older, they tend to understand their powers more & begin to realise that beauty can be found in the most unusual/strange/amazing places. These children are kind hearted with the ability to soften people whose hearts are/have been broken. They have the natural ability for love, beauty & peace spells – & generally they know this. The key to unlock their powers, direct their charms & make their spells even stronger is satisfaction!


“Saturday’s child is born with Power”

Saturday is associated with Saturn/Kronos. The God of Time blesses these children with extremely magical powers. Saturn is said to be the planet of the witches, thus, children born of this day are said to have very strong, sometimes ridiculously strong, abilities.

These children are hard workers, who are determined to go as far as they have to in order to find exactly what they’re looking for. They can endure match, & are very patient. They tend to be materialistic & often, this is a prison that their spirit desperately wants to try to escape. Once these children realise their divine nature, nothing will be able to stop them. These children are born with the ability to manifest anything they say – as long as they believe it. They have a natural ability to perceive evil influences & send them afar! The key to unlocking their power is honesty.


“Sunday’s child is born with Light”

Sunday. The day of the sun, associated with Apollo, God of Sun & Light. These children are blessed with generosity, valour & honour. They are great at sports, talented in the arts & possess great magical powers.

These children are noble, but not humble & they are very generous, as long as it is appreciated. They are optimistic, feeling that life will soon smile at them. Generally, that hang with many people – who most likely admire them – but only have a few strong friends. They are sensual people, but somehow very hurt by love. They have good hearts & like to help anyone in need. They have a natural ability to cast any spell – as long as it requires a candle as the flame symbolises their divine nature & origin from the sun! They are inspired people who have their way with magic, & the key to unlocking their powers is faith.


Crazy! I was born on a Sunday and i feel like its completely right! Even the not humble part lol