Gonna start a shop cause I need some munies!

I definitely need some money for my expenses, as a anxious mixed black gay puerto rican college student! I’m broke as hell so everything and anything helps!

First, art commissions. I’m offering art, I can draw your OCs, art of your spirits for your altars, any characters, whateva ya want.

Colored + Shaded = $20

Regular Colored = $15

Phone Background = $10

Icon = $8

Some of my art for reference:

Now, readings! I will do readings by donation. Readings pertaining to your life fulfillment, your spiritual life/progress, etc, whatever is pressing your mind, me and my guias espirituales will help!

Just inbox me for commissions or readings and we will discuss!

And lastly, payment, donate to me if ya want!

Venmo @mulatt-hoe