Start reblogging the money blessings post…

If you haven’t already done it…. Go hit that reblog button. Do what you have to, just do that too.

Like seriously. Just find one and reblog it real quick. I post a couple yesterday and put into the universe that I actually wanted it

Only been at work for a couple and I get this at as a tip! (tips ain’t normal at ALL in here)

Come on now!!

Let it work for y’all too

YALL!! THERE HAS BEEN AN INCREASE!! (I don’t know how your bank account is set up, but $55 dollars in tips counts as a blessing over here!)

*sending out money blessing vibes to y’all*

Counting my blessing and they total up to $60 today. (Got another $5 tip not too long ago)

Today was good. Im trying to maintain this same energy all this week to see what will come of it

I don’t care, I ain’t playin. Imma need one of these damn thangs to work, now.

I might as well not reblogging aint gone put money in my pocket