Little claircognizance things


– Getting a really bad feeling about someone right before they say something morally questionable

– The irresistible urge to put something in your backpack you swear you won’t need; if you don’t bring the Thing you always need it later

– An odd scenario pops up in your head; you shrug it off, wondering why you imagine these weird things. Later said situation or elements of it come back to haunt you

– Narrowly missing trouble by doing something you don’t usually do, but you had an intense urge to do this weird Thing

– Knowing who texted you before you look at your phone

– Feeling like your phone is vibrating only to pick it up and see that you had the vibrate setting off, yet still you do in fact have a notification. Can happen several times in a row

– Oddly specific pieces of information you get out of nowhere in the form of your thoughts; such as “My friend is going to wear pink today”

– Doing something dangerous but for some reason continually thinking “there’s no way I’ll get in trouble.” You never get in trouble when this happens

– Intense irrational fear while doing a random, normal thing; usually leads to avoiding trouble when this happens