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Benefits of Bitter Melon

In the Amazon, bitter melon is used in cooking and also as a medicine. The fruit and the leaves are added to beans or soups for producing a bitter or sour flavor.

As far as the medicinal uses are concerned, bitter melon has been used by the American natives for a long time as a treatment of diabetes; to prevent measles, hepatitis; to get rid of worms and parasites and the topical applications are used for healing wounds.

It is in fact used in many parts of South America for a wide range of ailments such as malaria, measles, skin problems just to name a few.

It is also used as an aphrodisiac and it is known for its anti-inflammatory effects.

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Herbs with the Most Promising Supportive Information for Increase Fertility

Herbal fertility remedies have existed in every culture for centuries before the development of modern fertility procedures.

Most of these fertility herbs are regarded to be safe when used in the appropriate dosage.

Some of these medicinal herbs are thought to produce the best results when used in combination.

Fertility herbs are usually selected for their time-tested traditional uses as remedies as well as having some supportive scientific information regarding their ability to alleviate the broad spectrum of conditions that can impact a woman’s ability to conceive.

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Herbs with the Most Promising Supportive Information for Treating Dementia

t the moment, there is no cure for dementia. Still, there are few conventional medicines that are known to slow the progression of the disease.

Medicinal herbs intended as a treatment should never replace any conventional medication or therapies and should be regarded as an addition or as a supportive therapy.

A large number of patients in the developing world with dementia, where the use of herbal medicines are often the mainstay of therapy, coupled to a global upswing in the use of natural preparations, underscores the need to fully characterize and understand how medicinal herbs can be used in the management of dementia.

While the effects of these natural remedies are varied, it appears that herbs may be useful in the treatment of dementia in three separate ways:

1. Increasing blood flow to the brain.

2. Decreasing the destruction of neurotransmitters critical to proper brain function.

3. Decreasing the level of agitation known to accompany dementia.

In general, when using medicinal plants as a treatment for any disease, caution should always be a key factor, since herbs can interact with other herbs, medications or supplements.

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Hay Fever – Herbs for Seasonal Allergies (Allergic Rhinitis)

Approximately 20% of Americans suffer from hay fever (allergic rhinitis) or seasonal allergies.

The primary part of the body affected by this allergic reaction is the membrane that lines the nasal passages making them swell.

This causes nasal discharge, sneezing, itching, and difficulty breathing.

The allergic reaction is brought upon by airborne materials; commonly pollen of grass and trees in the spring, and ragweed in summer and fall.

It is a good idea to use herbal remedies and supplements for hay fever as a preventive tool before spring and summer arrive instead of treating the symptoms of hay fever as they arrive.

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Herbs for Eczema Treatment – Application and Benefits

Medicinal herbs for eczema treatment focus primarily on the underlying causes and most herbal practitioners view eczema as a symptom of not only one but rather numerous other health-related ailments.

There are many medicinal herbs for eczema that have a great reputation as a treatment but which one to choose will vary depending on the underlying cause.

Herbal remedies for eczema will usually both involve herbal preparations topically to ease any discomfort and internally to treat the underlying causes.

Topically, herbs for eczema will usually combine antiseptic herbs and herbs that soothe the inflamed area.

Internally, herbs for eczema treatment will mostly address digestion with a focus on improving the function of the liver and the gut wall to boost the body’s natural absorption and elimination by improving the digestion.

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Herbs for Panic Attacks or Panic Disorder

Medicinal herbs for panic disorder or attacks and anxiety are usually not sufficient treatment on their own.

Where herbal medicines can be useful is in lessening the severity of the person’s underlying anxiety and nervousness, thus lessening the frequency and severity of the panic attacks.

These medicinal herbs are either sedatives or tranquilizers (also known as anxiolytic agents) and are either used on a regular basis to reduce the overall feeling of anxiety or sometimes during the actual panic attack if it is prolonged.

Traditionally there has not been much distinction made between tranquilizers and sedatives.

However, pharmacologists have in recent years begun to identify the specific chemical action of these drugs and thus separate out the anxiolytic action from the sedative action.

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Horse Chestnut – Uses and Benefits

Although the leaves, bark, and flowers have been used in traditional herbal medicine, it is the big, shiny brown nut of the horse chestnut tree which is of greatest medicinal interest.

From them, an extract is obtained which is used to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels so that blood flow from the veins in the legs back to the heart improves.

The dried conkers contain 3-6% of a mixture of triterpene saponins, known by the common name aescin (escin).

It is aescin which is considered the main active ingredient responsible for the strengthening effect on the veins and capillaries.

Standardized extracts made from the conkers usually have much higher concentrations of aescin (usually 16-20%) than the conkers do in their natural state.

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Diabetes Type 2 – 7 Effective Natural Herbs to Control Blood Sugar Levels

Type-2 diabetes is classified as a chronic incurable disease that requires lifelong treatment.

While anti-diabetic drugs have improved patient outcomes greatly, there is a growing need for natural treatments for 2 primary reasons – the risk of side effects from conventional drugs and the spiraling costs of pharmaceutical products.

When we look at natural treatment options, herbs offer the greatest potential for treating and managing diabetes naturally, helping reduce dependence on drugs.

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Suffer from Migraine Headaches? – Check Out these Medicinal Plants and Herbs!

Medicinal herbs for migraines relief can be of great help to alleviate the associated pain as they work towards reducing the frequency and severity of migraines.

Most herbal migraine remedies focus on the cause of it and the long-term improvement of a person’s health and not merely reducing the pain due to a migraine.

Medicinal herbs for migraine are often combined with minerals and vitamins as a holistic approach to reducing the incidence and severity of this debilitating condition.

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