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I have had the most beautiful experience today at Ay^Am . The tea sit was beautiful and so many amazing people. So many synchronicities today. AyAm where I am meant to be.

Crystal Herbalism – I AM A WITCH 🙏 

I am a woman who honors her mystical heritage, uses the earth as her oracle, and listens to her intuition. Nature is my temple, my soul is my sacred place. I collect crystals, talk to plants, and find yoga as a form of spell work.

I am a WITCH who loves Buddha and black cats. 
I am a WITCH who loves the faerie star not the pentagram. 
I am a WITCH who loves the moon yet fears the night. 

I am a WITCH because my womb holds the universe.
I am a WITCH because my ancestors survived the witch trials.
I am a WITCH because as a little girl I found comfort in magick. 

I am a WITCH. 

We have a connection to those who came before us. As women, we are all connected to witches who couldn’t burn, for the women who survived, the women who fought and reigned.

Each day we discover a new part of ourselves, the part that lies in our ancestral roots.

Each day is an awakening, a remembrance of who we are at the core.

May we rise like our sisters did and inspire generations to come.

So earlier I told myself, I’m going to get up and do so much business stuff. I was gonna make a video and put it out at the perfect time and make some new products. But today I haven’t been feeling it…I am so tired, and i just want to chill for a little bit. As I picked up my animal Oracle cards, I felt a little tingle in my hands, telling me to look at one of my cards, and it was this one!!! I gotta listen to how I feel I gotta let myself have a break. So I will.

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