Category: bioregional herbalism

Beautiful bloodroot is blooming! Sanguinaria canadensis is a native woodland plant growing in shady mixed forest. It is a traditional First Nations medicine. The leaves and roots are poisonous and cause vomiting if ingested and a contact rash if touched. Do not touch bloodroot and touch your eyes! Use gloves when wild harvesting and only take from substantially large patches. Bloodroot can be commercially grown using forest farming techniques. The dried roots can be made into medicinal salves to treat sore and inflamed joints and muscles, rheumatism, and poor blood circulation near the surface of the skin. It is used in modern dental preparations to treat plaque build up and gum inflammation.

The edible and medicinal mushroom goodies coming soon to our online shop. We love our mushroom medicine! Been busy processing and packaging new products. Finished a photo shoot today am am now attempting to get all the goods in the shop and a newsletter sent out. No rest for wicked, even when you have small children!

Today we visited our forager Chris at his house he built himself in Maynooth. We picked up our herb order of locally and sustainably wild harvested poplar buds, myrica gale, spruce tips, and red clover. He showed us his drying shed in progress and how he was processing his last harvest of Japanese knotweed root. It’s always a pleasure to catch up with him and nerd out on native plants.

Chris is a cool guy and a trusted local forager who makes his own potent herbal remedies for his business Carpenter’s Herbal:

Foraged wintergreen berries and leaves from the forest floor last night. Will dry them for food and medicine recipe testing. Wintergreen is best used as a spice/flavouring like allspice or juniper berry. Great for tea, candy, syrup, cough drops, incense, etc.

New to the shop! A beautifully curated collection of North American smudging herbs and resins for you to play with or create plant ceremonies with. Comes with charcoals and a guide booklet. Only a limited amount available.

It’s birch polypore and turkey tail mushroom foraging season and we’ve been busy harvesting and drying them to make our Forest Fungi Elixir: