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Better late than never! It’s been a trying past week or two, but now, I’m finally going to address how to truly incorporate Earth into your life with alchemy! I’m going to go over what Earth is in detail first, and I don’t intend to waste any time! Let’s jump straight in!

As I detailed in my last post on the subject, Earth in alchemy is equated to salt and the color black. Earth is the element of the physical body and the physical world, as well as of our senses and what they are able to perceive. Earth is all things solid and tangible, that which cannot be changed through will alone.

However, this aspect of Earth is, in short, an illusion. We are told all our lives that you can’t get something by wanting it enough, that there are things in this world you just can’t change. While I would say there are things that one person can’t just will to life, we as human beings have much, much more power than we usually give ourselves credit for.

So, how do we overcome the trappings of Earth? Well, you need to start by immersing yourself in the element! Only by understanding Earth can you accept it and move past it; it’s there for a reason, after all! You can start by being more mindful of diet and exercise, for one thing, and paying close attention to your senses and what stimulates them.

Another key aspect to integrating the element of Earth is to go and take a few walks. A couple of times a week, go and take a walk somewhere, preferably where you can get in-touch with nature. Don’t try to think too hard about anything or fixate on any one aspect of your environment. Just empty your mind and be present in the moment, as if it’s a walking meditation!

And that’s all I have to say on Earth for this post! I’ll try to make my post on Water come along a bit sooner. I hope this helps you all with your practice!

May the Tree of Life always shelter you!

In the philosophy of Wu Xing, Water (Chinese: 水, “shuǐ”) is the low point of the matter, where energy dies or hides. It is the most yin in character of the Five Elements. Water is associated with the colors blue and black, with the planet Mercury as well as the Moon (which was believed to cause the appearance of dew), the season of Winter, night, the North, cold weather, and the Black Tortoise Xuan Wu. In traditional Chinese medicine, the negative emotion associated associated with Water is fear/anxiety, while its positive emotion is calmness. Organs associated with this element are the kidneys (yin), urinary bladder (yang), ears, and bones.

Taoist thought holds that water is representative of intelligence and wisdom, flexibility, softness, and pliancy; however, an overabundance of the element is said to cause difficulty in choosing something and sticking to it. In the same way, water can be fluid and weak, but can also wield great power when it floods and overwhelms the land. Water usually represents wealth and luck in Feng Shui, although it might differ in some subjective scenarios. Water governs the Zodiac signs Pig, Rat, and Ox, and in the 60 Year Cycle, yin Water years end in 3 while its yang years end in 2.

In the regenerative cycle, Metal engenders Water as a bucket collects falling rain, whilst Water begets Wood as rain or dew cause plants to flourish. In the conquest cycle, Water overcomes Fire as nothing is better at putting out a blaze, whilst Earth overcomes Water as stone and soil are used to damn a river. In feng shui, Water is associated with the colors blue and black, with wavy, flowing objects like certain kinds of curtains, and with fountains or other fixtures which produce water.